Tips from Us on North Carolina MVR Forms

May 11, 2015

To all of our dealers from North Carolina, we need your help!

Since Carolina Auto Auction is not allowed to sign the NC MVR-2, the Dealer’s Reassignment, for our dealers selling here at the auction, it is costing both you and us additional time and money to get these completed. What we need for you to do is check the damage disclosure boxes, hand print your name and sign your name on the line indicated. Then on the next line print the name of your dealership and enter your dealer number.

If you could do this on five or six MVR-2s it will help with not causing a delay in receiving your sellers checks. Then, to keep it going, please resupply us every so often so that there will be no delays for missing paperwork.

If you have questions please contact our Head Title Clerk, Vickie Young, at 864-231-7000 x142.


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