Important Changes Coming!

Aug 05, 2014

Make note of three important changes that Carolina Auto Auction is making in a few weeks that will directly impact many of our dealers. All of these changes will take place on August 27th.

First of all, CAA will no longer be charging a Title Attached fee ($40)! This will save some money for many of our dealers who sell their vehicles title attached. But be aware that title attached procedures still apply and are subject to NAAA and federal guidelines. Vehicles must still be announced Title Attached on the block during the sale.

Secondly, all vehicles that are sold for $2000 or less must now be sold "AS IS." There are NO exceptions to this rule, even if the seller verbally states that he agrees to sell it Green Light. We will have signage posted about this new rule, and it will be reflected in our Arbitration policy as well.

Finally, we have made a change to our I-Lane in response to your many requests. Starting on August 25th (Monday), all consignors selling in the I-Lane, or Independent Dealers Lane, must call or come inside Monday morning after 9:00am to get #s for Wednesday's sale. We are eliminating the sales percentage factor when assigning numbers for the I-Lane, and they will now be on a first-come, first-served, basis.

We hope you love these changes that are all designed to benefit you and make your experience with Carolina Auto Auction an even more enjoyable one! Please call us with any questions at 864-231-7000 or contact your Dealer Representative.


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