How to Buy Online

Mar 06, 2014

If you've wanted to try our online process, but you're not sure how, then this is the blog for you! There are definitely some benefits to buying your cars through our Simulcast system. If you can't attend our sale - whether you're hard at work in the office or laying around in your PJs - then we think it's time you took advantage of this tool!

Before we walk you through the process of how to buy online, there's a couple of things you need to know.

First of all, we have a dedicated team member - Lynne Mays (pictured) - who is on hand every week as your "go-to" online sales representative. Lynne describes her work as a "personal concierge" service that we provide to you. If you need help during the sale you can call or e-mail her (contact info at the bottom of this blog). After the sale is done, she can help you protect your new purchase by signing you up for our Buyer Protection Plan (BPP), which is essentially a tiered post-sale inspection product. (Click HERE for more info on BPP). You have until 5pm on sale day to purchase a post-sale inspection. Lynne will also be happy to help you obtain gate passes for your vehicles, as well as e-mail you copies of your bill of sale and help you with payment options.

Secondly, if you want information on a particular vehicle during the sale, you can contact Lynne or the online block clerk for that particular lane. The block clerks can answer quick questions via the chat/instant message feature on our Simulcast platform for you, but please keep in mind that they are pretty busy taking bids on the block as well.

With all of our Lease Bank vehicles (Lanes R, SC, LB, and FR) we have Condition Reports posted online for you. Take time to review these before the sale on the vehicles you're looking for and feel free to ask us questions. We provide these for you, along with multiple photos of each vehicle, as a complimentary service so that you can buy online with confidence and know exactly what kind of inventory you're purchasing! We also offer our Carolina Accredited program, which essentially provides CRs to dealer consignment vehicles as well - so you will see some of our vehicles in those lanes with CRs attached.

Now to the technical part: Let's help you start bidding! First of all, you must be registered with Auction Pipeline to look at inventory or buy online. You can access Auction Pipeline in the upper right hand corner of the home page of our website, or simply go to After you log in, you'll notice that the "Today on Simulcast" box on the left shows all the auctions that you may join online. Our sales are always on Wednesdays, so you should also see Carolina Auto Auction listed on the upcoming Wednesday box. Once you're into CAA's inventory page, follow the steps to get your bidder badge and you're ready! You will join the Edge Simulcast sales platform, which provides you live video and audio feed of any lane you wish to attend during the sale. For a video tutorial of Edge Simulcast, Click Here!

Now you're ready! Take it for a spin and see what you think. And remember, if you need help, contact Lynne Mays, our e-Commerce Coordinator, at 864-231-7000 X103, or e-mail her at


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