Five Minutes with Marsu

Dec 05, 2013

At Carolina Auto Auction we have a huge Fleet Lease department. It's one of the staples of our business. Every week we sell hundreds of Fleet Lease vehicles for some of the top names in the industry - like Santander, RSA, BB&T, Wheels, ARI, Donlen....the list goes on and on. And it so happens that our Team Purple employees in the Lease Department are also some of the best in the industry.

Take Marsu Parks - 16 years with CAA. She serves as the Fleet Lease Administrative Supervisor. Basically she keeps it all running efficiently and smoothly back there, and is in charge of setting the sale order for every Wednesday. Marsu gave some behind the scenes insight into how it all works:

We sell for a wide variety of clients each week through our Lease Department: Rental car companies, Repo companies, Banks, large trucking companies - even pink Mary Kay cars! Keeping up with all of the details that get a car ready to sell is a big task. That's why every car in our Fleet Lease lanes has at least 3 Team Purple members personally taking care of it:

The Qualifier starts the process. She arranges for the car's pickup/delivery and any initial paperwork, fees, etc... on the vehicle.

The Inside Coordinator is next. She ensures the vehicle has a proper Condition Report done, quality photos are taken for buyers to view online before or during the sale, she arranges for any necessary work or maintenance to be done on the vehicle, and she communicates directly with the client to funnel information to other Team Purple members about the vehicle.

he Outside Coordinator is last. He personally supervises the inspection of the vehicle and ensures it is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically before it runs through the lanes...i.e. so each vehicle is "front-line ready" for our buyers!

Marsu describes the constant influx and sale of vehicles as a "tide" - the tide of cars comes in and goes out every week. It's a consistent mass rotation of vehicles through our Auction, and it's done incredibly efficiently and accurately. But despite the size of the operation, we still believe in taking time to talk one-on-one with our clients, go see them in person, and take care of every detail of every vehicle. It's just another reason why CAA has one of the best Fleet Lease markets in the industry!

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