Tips from Customer Service

Nov 08, 2013

Need help during the auction? Hey - that's why we're here! With 1000 vehicles moving through the lanes every Wednesday we want to provide every service we can to make your buying and selling experience better. After all, it's our business to help you with your business!

Our customer service team, led by Jennifer Carrano (left), sits in the middle of our arena and can help you with just about any auction need that you have. Here's a quick list:


Our new Buyer Protection Program is a 5-tiered post-sale inspection product. You can add valuable protection to your inventory here at our Customer Service counter or with our block clerks.

Outside Sales

If you're making a outside sales transaction, the best place to take care of the paperwork is at Customer Service.

Dance Tickets

We can give you a list of everything you have running in the sale this week.

Gate Passes

You won't be able to get your vehicles out of our secure lot without a gate pass.

Purchase summaries

Just like it sounds - we can provide you a list of everything you have purchased at the sale.

Inform you if your unit is still on an "IF"

We have screens up around the auction giving you up-to-date information about your "IF" vehicles. But if you need help quickly and you're in the arena, we are happy to look it up for you.

Inform you that another dealer is interested in one of your units.

We help connect dealers all of the time to help them make a deal.

Contact you about your vehicle's inspection status (upon request only)

If you need an answer about your vehicle's inspection status, we are happy to help. We will even call you when the inspection is completed so that you can spend your time on other important business matters.

So remember, if you need help, please don't hesitate to ask us! After all, we are Team Purple, and we're here to serve YOU!


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