The "IF" Office - 7 Quick Tips to Close the Sale

Sep 13, 2013

Every week at Carolina Auto Auction deals are made between buyer and seller through our “IF” office. If a bid in the lanes is close to your asking price, our staff can help close the deal by calling the buyer or seller and helping you negotiate the price!

Here are some helpful things to remember on sale days:

1. If you have an IF sale, please be sure you give your contact info to our staff. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many deals are missed because we can’t get ahold of a dealer! Keep your phone on you and turned up so that you can hear it, and listen out for us paging you over the intercom.

2. Keep an eye on video monitors throughout the auction for counter-offers and responses from dealers. We update these regularly throughout the sale.

3. Most lanes have one hour to clear an “IF” offer from the time the hammer drops, so if the buyer hasn’t heard anything from the seller after one hour then he may turn down the offer. The exceptions are the LB, R, and V (Salvage) lanes which have until 5pm to clear since in most cases the seller is not onsite.

4. Our staff in the IF Office cannot accept titles, keys, or print gate passes for you. We are happy to service you in these areas at the front counter.

5. The left side of the counter is for LB, R, and V lane inquiries; the right side for all other lanes.

6. Knowing your dealer number can save time and get you back to the lanes.

7. A general rule of thumb is that your first money is your best money. In most cases it’s in your best interest to make the deal for the money offered this week instead of waiting to sell later.


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