Matthews Beats the House

Aug 09, 2017

Kline Matthews from Casey Jackson Ford racked up on the cash and prizes before the sale Wednesday. Each week Carolina Auto Auction randomly selects 2 dealers to join its Dealer of the Week in a 3-man competition for cash in its early bird game. This week's game, titled "Beat the House," featured Matthews, Ronnie Kobos from Apple Cars, and Steve Kelley from Larry's Used Cars. Matthews and Kobos "busted" on their first try, putting them out of the game. But when Kelley busted as well on his first try, a little known wrinkle in the rules put everyone back in the game. That's when Matthews ran the table.

He collected $50 on his next tile, then free breakfast for a month, then a free Buy/Sell fee. With the other 2 players busting again, Matthews was left standing for a chance to double his money. He moved his total to $250 on his next draw, then doubled it to $500 before electing to keep the cash and prizes rather than risk losing it all.

Each week CAA selects a Dealer of the Week to play the game for a chance to win money, so if you're interested please contact Scott or Karsen in the Marketing department for your chance to play!


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